Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the prerequisites to apply for the course?

A. Applicants need to have a strong background in the horse industry. This can mean coming from a farm background, breeding operation, showing, rodeo, racing, dressage, driving, etc. Students must have the knowledge to be safe while working around the horses. Students must be self-starters and have a love for the healing profession. It is also necessary for students to be comfortable working with different age groups in class. We have students ranging in age from 16 – 60 years young. We look for maturity, self discipline and students that are serious about their goals, commitments and will work hard in our program. Our seating is limited and applications numbers are high, so we try to ensure that our students are committed and ready to attend the whole program. As this college blends the scientific with the holistic, we do not require that applicants have their sciences or other specific high school/college/university classes or credits.

Q. Are tuition payments eligible for income tax consideration?

A. Yes. NTTI is registered with Human Resources for income tax purposes.

Q. When are tuition payments due?

A. This is specific to each location.  Please contact Natural Touch Therapy Institute at [email protected] for their tuition payment schedule.

Q. Do I have to move close to my campus location to attend College?

A. Not usually. If it is within reason, we encourage students to live in the area they are planning to build their practice so their business can build while attending class. Students usually drive, bus or fly, whichever is convenient.

Q. What kinds of jobs are available after I graduate?

A. There are certainly numbers of jobs in the horse industry such as: training barns, breeding farms, boarding facilities, etc. The reality of this is that most jobs in the horse industry pay minimum wage. Our graduates are encouraged to start their own businesses as this is where the greatest rewards lie. Graduates who are self-starters and disciplined in their businesses earn a very good living.

Q. Is Equine Therapy a recognized profession?

A. No, at present animal therapy is a leading edge industry and is not yet recognized by any province or state. It is good to research regulations applicable in your area.

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