BC College of Equine Therapy

Official notice of changes to BC COLLEGE EQUINE THERAPY!

Dave Collins, our president and owner is retiring!  September, 2017 will be our last student intake for our two year program. If you were thinking of attending our College in the future, that time has arrived.  Please submit your application immediately as the student selections for the September, 2017 class is in process.

What does this mean for our students, graduates and our equine friends? When our last class has graduated, Dave will dedicate more of his time for consultations, human and equine massage therapy and teaching of individual clinics here in Canada and other countries. He will still be available to assist and support the students and graduates of our college for years to come.  Thank you to all our students, graduates and general public for all the support and knowledge you have given our college since 1994!  It has been an amazing journey… which is still in progress!

Thank you for your interest in our “Equine Sport Therapy Program”.

Dave Collins (front center) with Class of 2011British Columbia College of Equine Therapy is a registered College governed by the “Private Career Training Institutions Agency”. We offer a two-year, part time certificate program, designed for those wishing to acquire the skill and knowledge necessary for a career as an “Equine Sport Therapist”.

Our course includes instruction in the following:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Saddle and Tack Fitting
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Nutritional Assessment & Balance
  • Structural Assessment & Balance
  • Cranial Assessment and Balance
  • Use of Herbal RemediesSaddle Fitting DVD
  • Assessment of Rider Imbalances
  • Principles of Movement
  • Energy Balancing Techniques
  • Recognizing Farrier Imbalances
  • Recognizing Dental Imbalances
  • Acupressure Techniques
  • Use of Magnetics
  • Treatment of Injuries

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